The 100 Roads Community

100s of Roads to Explore, Infinite Possibility to Create

100 Roads is a colearning movement and community of change-makers.

We empower families to chart new paths of learning, working, and thriving in community.

We are driven by a groundswell of people, of ideas, and of communities working together towards a common goal and purpose. 

Through this new design, we help people move around institutional structures, reconfigure resources, and connect to what they need to flourish. 

As coworking spaces have done for entrepreneurs and professionals, colearning unleashes new possibilities for families.

What is colearning?

Reimagining How We Learn, Live, and Work

Colearning Communities combine coworking and multiple learning environments to cultivate a deep sense of community and active spaces for parents and their children. No two colearning communities are exactly alike, just as no community is an exact replica of even its nearest neighbor. Each colearning community is uniquely configured based on three essential components.  

Community. Colearning brings people together for the shared purpose of learning, living, and working without institutional boundaries. People drive the work of colearning, not institutions. 

Ecosystem of Services. Colearning communities provide a diverse set of services to help families thrive. These include both education and curriculum, coworking collectives, maker activities, business incubation, food services, arts activities, among others.

Spaces. The space for colearning is wherever communities can convene to build webs of opportunity. This might be a city neighborhood, a section of a rural town, a big building or center, or an online platform. 

Our Flagship Colearning Community: Workspace Education

Learners get an education which is both limitless and permission-less

Choose from the endless open source and paid options to support your journey, from anywhere in the world. 

Parents can bring in any educator and choose any curriculum they like. If you can imagine it, colearning makes it a reality. While the term “Colearning” is new, the concept has been around for a while. As noted recently by David Brooks in the New York Times, Jane Addams was on a similar path at Hull House, 120 years ago, building a social platform to weave individuals into a learning community. The need has always been there. Now, the combination of  technology and the desire to reform education have made colearning both possible and necessary. We believe it can be education’s “Fourth Way.”

100s of roads to explore, infinite possibilities to create

100 Roads is a place to ask questions and discover the resources needed to build your own thriving colearning community. Imagine. Change your mind. Create. 

Whatever your budget, experience, or needs may be, there is no prescription, only possibilities to explore. We provide: 

Tools and frameworks to provide concrete and actionable ways to build and grow a new or existing colearning community.

In-person and online community and services offer a versatile platform to learn from professionals and build capacity.

A detailed library of resources with guides and readings to reference throughout your learning experience.

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